Having a policy and conducting training is the best way to prevent sexual violence and harassment.


About HR Proactive Inc.

Founded in 1997 by Diane E. Mason, HR Proactive Inc. is a private Canadian company, female-led, second-generation family run business. Diane oversees new product and business development while her daughter, Katherine La Course, runs the day-to-day operation of the business. Creative Director, Murray Michael, shares his spirit of innovation and technology which comes to life in our state-of-the-art training platforms where he creates a culture of learning excellence.

HR Proactive Inc. is a progressive, Canadian Consultancy business with extensive experience in providing human rights/human resources and health & safety related services.

Companies and organizations experiencing workplace conflict turn to HR Proactive for expert investigations, mediations, policy development, and institutional workplace audits. We have a proven track record for providing neutral-third party Canada-Wide Workplace Harassment Investigations through a virtual setting.

HR Proactive Inc. is the leading Canadian provider of Online Virtual Sensitivity Training to executives, managers and employees.

We are frequently called upon to provide HR advice and other Human Resource Consultancy needs that flow from the employment relationship. HR Proactive can also be your trusted partner in outsourcing some of your human resources.

With a passion for people, learning, and creating and maintaining respectful workplace cultures, HR Proactive has developed a line of “Training Your Way” products and services to meet compliance and professional development needs of its diverse client base. We recognize the need to provide gender balance and diversity in the delivery of all services.

HR Proactive's Training Division believes training should be “Your Way” providing all methods of delivery:

  • Custom Training Design and Delivery
  • Instructor-Led Training
  • Virtual Live Workshops
  • Subscription to HR Proactive Hosted Compliance LMS
  • Video files in SCORM format to license to your internal training management system

Our video training programs, on average, are 15-20 minutes in length and suited for bundling to upload to your New Employee Orientation Training Centre. Our best-selling Respectful Workplace eLearning Program is Canada’s number one choice for annual refresher training on Preventing Violence and Harassment in the Workplace.

Most of HR Proactive training programs include comprehensive facilitation materials:

  • Reproducible Participant Guides
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Case Studies to promote discussion
  • Quiz and Quiz keys

Our products can be customized to meet specific industry requirements as well as jurisdictional differences. Our company takes pride in providing Canadian and American content to create the most innovative and effective training programs that are in keeping with adult learning principles. We seek to continuously improve our methods and products to better meet the needs of our diverse customers.

HR Proactive Inc., through its contract arrangements with other independent consultants, is able to provide knowledgeable, experienced industry professionals with impeccable credentials.

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